The Best Gifts for New Moms (Including a Postpartum Gift Basket)

I launched Novalie in 2019, just 4 months after having my 9th child. It's no surprise that we love babies around here! And I have a special place in my heart for postpartum moms. The postpartum period can be incredibly joyful and full of contentment, but it can also be very overwhelming. That's why I always appreciated thoughtful gifts that were intended for me instead of just for the new baby.

Below I'm sharing a list of the best gifts for new parents, with an emphasis on the new mother. I've always tried to remember that every time a baby is born, so is a new mama! Even if it isn't the family's first baby, that mother has never birthed or parented that child before and so she's learning and growing right alongside the baby.

Isn't that a beautiful thought?

Postpartum Gift Ideas

I've always loved the opportunity to pamper a soon-to-be new mom with a baby shower. These are so fun to throw and make it easy for a woman's entire community of friends and neighbors to come and shower her with special things.

When attending a baby shower, I often try to pass up the typical gifts like baby clothes and diapers (she'll probably get these in spades) and instead focus on something that the mom would really love. A gift card to her favorite restaurant that offers takeout is a special way to show moms (and new dads) that you care about them and want to help with the postpartum recovery.

If you're the one throwing the baby shower, you can always suggest to the expectant mom that she add a gift certificate to her baby registry. Then she can use it to pamper herself after the baby arrives.

Another great gift is a beautiful hospital bag or diaper bag that she'll be thrilled to take with her on this exciting adventure. I always made it a point to purchase a well-made diaper bag for myself that I loved to carry because if I'm going to be hauling diapers and wipes everywhere with me for 2 years or more, I wanted to do it in style.

A great way to show a best friend or another woman you're close to that you love her is by creating a handmade gift certificate for some sort of service. This is one of my kids' favorite things to gift me on my birthday and Christmas (probably because it's free) and I love getting them! You could offer to bring her a meal after the baby is born, clean her house (or hire a professional), suggest coming over to hold the baby while she showers, or even take her other children off on a playdate while she naps.

But my absolute favorite of all the new mom gifts is a postpartum care package! After many years of having babies, I've created my own collection of postpartum essentials that I wish I had had after each one of my births. I decided to curate a gift like this to take all the work out of it for you and you can purchase our New Mama Gift Box here

But if you're the creative type, you might also consider creating your own postpartum gift basket. You can fill it with some of the items that we offer in our gift box (including a nursing-friendly nightgown, a sleep bra, nursing pads, nipple cream, lip balm, and gourmet treats) or come up with your own gift ideas!

Any product or service that might make those early days with a newborn baby a little easier would be a home run, including a white noise machine, a massage gift card, a water bottle, essential oils, sleep mask, nightgown, fuzzy socks, robe, comfy undies, tea or cookies to increase her milk supply, meal delivery services... I could go on and on! A postpartum gift box is a lovely way to show support for first, second or even fifth time moms.

The postpartum period with a new baby can include a difficult physical recovery, night feedings and a fussy baby who needs lots of rocking and this time can be incredibly lonely. If you're close to the new mom, you might want to offer to come help during those sleepless nights or another time when the new mom needs you.

If not, you could simply offer a phone call or a visit when you have time to chat with your new mom friend. A first-time mom especially might be feeling isolated and overwhelmed as she settles into life with her sweet babe. Even though there are so many great ideas for physical gifts, spending a lot of time listening to a new mom might be exactly what she needs most.

Lastly, if you or a loved one has recently given birth, be aware of the warning signs of postpartum depression. It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed, emotional or stressed with a new baby around, but if the mama experiences thoughts of harming herself or baby, stops wanting to care for or cuddle the baby or any other alarming symptoms, please seek professional help.

Giving thoughtful, practical items are one of the best ways you can treat yourself to a healthy and happy postpartum period or the perfect way to show love to the expectant mama in your life. The best postpartum gifts are the ones that show the new mom that she is worthy of self-care and that help her take time for herself.

Don't forget to check out our New Mama Gift Box for a done-for-you new mom gift basket!