Print Mixing: How to Look Chic, Not Childish


Print Mixing is one of our very most favorite ways to dress boldly and fabulously: stripes, florals, dots, geo prints...we love them all! But it's not always easy to put them together in an artistic and classy way.

The following 2 easy tips will keep you from looking like a 3-ring circus when you mix prints:

1. Stick to the same (or similar) color family. Earthy tones, pinks & reds, blues and greens, orange and yellow...the closer the color schemes are, the more intentional it will look.

2. Mix a smaller print with a larger print. This is especially fun when mixing the same print! A tiny black and white polka dot with a larger b&w polka dot? So fab.

The picture above pairs the Aquarius skirt (big, bold print) with the Stormy Chambray top (tiny striped print). The colors also work because the blue of the top is mirrored in the skirt print.

Printed bottoms with a graphic tee is one of the simplest and least-scary ways to mix prints with pieces you probably already have in your closet. Just make sure you follow the two rules above. :)


Here are a few more ideas for what to pair with the Nora Dot skirt to get your started:

* a top with skinny black and white stripes
*a small-print floral with black as one of the colors
*a black on white polka-dotted blouse (reversed color scheme)

What do you think? Are you a fan of mixing prints?